We design and produce customized Engraved Glass, Engraved Crystal, Art Glass, and 3-D Laser Engraved Optical Crystal.

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Crystal Art Glass Designers

Kosta Boda

What makes Kosta Boda so special is that they continually draw on our long history in developing exciting new ideas and methods in design and glass craftsmanship. Kosta Boda's designers and glassmakers are showcased in exhibitions and permanent private and public collections throughout the world. Over the centuries, the artists and craftsmen of Kosta Boda have not only embodied the distinctive folkways of Scandinavian design, but helped define those traditions. When you buy and give Kosta Boda, you're buying and giving history - a lineage of great design and craftsmanship that has endured for more than 260 years.

Mario Cioni

Creating value has been imperative at Mario Cioni's since 1958. Raw materials of the finest quality, crystal of perfect brightness, original and inimitable designs and the skill and artistry of master crystal manufacturers are the result of this philosophy. This is a challenge that the company set for itself and has successfully met. Choosing Mario Cioni means appreciating the value of dreams.

Adam Jablonski

Adam Jablonski (born April 29, 1936) is an artist and certified glass technologist who has been pursuing glassmaking since 1952. Jablonski exports his famous art glasspieces to over 30 countries around the world including Italy, Scandinavia, France, the United States, Canada and Japan. Dignitaries such as kings, presidents and prime ministers purchase masterpieces from Jablonski. Just recently, the American Glass Museum in Corning added pieces from Jablonski to their collection. His attention to detail and unique designs make Adam Jablonski one of the most desired artists in Europe.

Thomas P. Kelly

Founded in 1979 in Corning's historic Market Street District, Vitrix Hot Glass Studio is regarded among America's prominent contemporary glass studios. Glass artist, Thomas P. Kelly, owner of Vitrix; along with Robert Kelly, business manager; glassmaker, George Kennard and Jason Rose, are committed to uncompromising quality and craftsmanship.

Val Saint Lambert

Val Saint Lambert is a Belgian crystal glassware manufacturer, founded in 1826. Val Saint Lambert is the official glassware supplier to H.M. King Albert II of Belgium. This distinguished crystal manufacturer is a unique collective of international glass artisans.

Steven Schlanser

Each Schlanser piece starts from a piece of sheet glass which is carefully shaped inside a closed kiln after being heated to a melting temperature. After each designed piece is allowed to cool, each piece is hand-cut and high polished on a diamond wheel. All designs are hand drawn, cut and many are high pressure sandblasted. All of Schlanser’s designs are copyrighted ensuring that they can not be duplicated by any one else. This adds to the authenticity of value of each piece. Schlanser’s art has been shipped to over 35 countries and has been commissioned by numerous collectors and corporations.

Jonathan Winfisky

Jonathan Winfisky has been designing and producing unique and original blown and cast sculptural glass vessel forms since 1973.

“My work is about groupings of objects — forms in a series all designed to work collectively in relation to each other, with an underlying design
element which carries a theme throughout. The individual piece is important in and of itself, but it is the interrelationship of these design elements
and how they translate into different forms which interests me in my work. Glass is a very sensuous and spontaneous medium."

-Jonathan Winfisky